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I read a lot now and try to describe my feelings through art + DRAW STUDYING, well


Simply doodle, black-n-white sketch
I draw it by classical tools - pen, ink, pencil on the paper, not using any digital devices. I'll take a photo - and voila! it's yours!




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Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur. То бишь, “все, что говорится на латыни, звучит глубокомысленно”.
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October jogging with dogs by ShadeOvWarlock
October jogging with dogs
My charming vampire Shoor Molokhov now has TWO dogs ))) the little is Prince and the bigger one is Rulet.
After sunset by ShadeOvWarlock
After sunset
My little vampires like go for a walk after darkness falling on the northern city... Two Alexanders - Zamozhsky (also known as Xafa or Xander) and Molokhov (Shoor) had a hard conversation there the cold waves licking the stones... The pet rat of Zamozhsky is near them, of course ^^)
more drawings of this guys... ok, they are not a couple. At nowadays ;)
Sign this plz by ShadeOvWarlock Hey don t go to Karina by ShadeOvWarlock To the night hunt by ShadeOvWarlock More cheerfulness by ShadeOvWarlock Cure or disease by ShadeOvWarlock 

Mature Content

Just do it - redraw by ShadeOvWarlock
Unnoticed come tomorrow.
In the second hour of the night Zamozhski looked in the garage, "A Clockwork Orange" - to hang key from the café "malaria" on a shield. He stood silently on the sidelines, watching the work of Molokhov. He ended rebuild some motor. Energetic and painstaking work. In addition to the two of them there was no one there. In the garage walked cold wind: both windows and doors were open. Older vampires loved drafts. Street slept.
What is needed? - Very quietly but briskly, still a little brusquely asked Shoor - looking back at him felt sad look.
Goodnight. Chito are you doing now?
Why, mess around with this fucking bike, as you can see.
Est' success?
Shur postponed tools and turned.
Well, what do you want then?
(Ale')Xander held out a folded sheet of paper. "Eighth International Economic Forum" World of Tomorrow ": October 2-7 in Havana. Step into tomorrow today!"
Shoor wiped his greasy hands on his overalls, considered the glossy booklet. On the cover was illustrated handshake man and robot.
Oh how sweet! It is that invitation? Or you hope someone from those in the stands will advertise products of the firms with the prefix 'nano', really be able to help repair cyborg?
Not really. It brought me Victor. There ... Anton application is filed. Tomorrow, as soon as he arrives, will the arrest.
That's for sure? Not a bullet?
No. We can do without shooting. The prosecutor's office, police said. While on paper about credit fraud. And then - let's see.
What do I have to do with this? Offered to go with you on a raid, to gloat over Anton?
Xafa his hair, almost imperceptibly he shrugged a shoulder - eka! spectacle criminal justice overtake.
Not at all. It's just so you know. And I offer? .. You ...  today when you meet with Barsik?
What do you itch?
Let the boy sleeps peacefully, and we have walked with you.
Took the time ... I've got the car working ...
Please, Sasha.
He put her in the creaking skin draped hand over the arms of Molochov, ceased to tighten the nut.
Enough Serge went to the white-stoned Moscow?
How do you know?
Intuition. To walk with you at red lights? Okay.
He took off his greasy overalls, washed, combed his hair. Locked padlock on the gate.
Just a reminder: I would be a bad psychiatrist, not a family psychologist.
Zamozhsky said nothing, put his nose deep in the muffler at which it was running in circles hand rat. He was dressed in a coat and an umbrella with a sine-cane, left pocket noticeably bristled - something full of?
We walked along the echoing doorways, deserted intersections in silence, rapidly pace, as if flying. And there was the sky gvёzd (stars), to admire. Molokhov in thin rustling windcheater, jeans and sports shoes for jogging, I could not grasp where - the ultimate goal of the route. And whether it?
Well, what's your drama of life?
Stood up under a bridge. It smelled of heavy river water. Xafa pensively sucking mouthpiece with an unlit cigarette, as always, has striked sharply a half of matchbox "Pinskdrev". What have our charms in his pocket? The musical snuff box with the Spanish raisins? Crystal bonbonniere with steadfast candy? A bunch of yellowed letters? Bamboo cage with chorister cricket? Ship in a bottle? There were only a newspaper and a plastic bag. Bed on a stone, does not slap a coat. We sat next to the granite. The noise of the Neva waters behind and howling, whistling of the wind in the wires suddenly catch a glimpse of part of the forces of nature magnificent cantatas of Bach's complete skill level.
The legs do not hold? Absolutely falling apart?
I do not want anyone to be a burden, but, yes, my earthly hours assessable.
Again sharpens your illness?
Zamozhsky nodded. There is no need to go into details, it does not matter, both knew that, but every hour it in the world - the struggle against entropy, sore here and there crack.
Do you remember our conversation three years ago? When you're with me, Andrei first introduced?
Well, I remember, of course. What now my turn patiently listen?
Yes, it turned out that today ... It was a hopeless day. I changed my mind about many things, so many things went through in the memory. It was you, was looking for participation ... I thought - you alone, in your ear. The deal on the blood. After all, you - my brother. And here I sit - all empty, degenerate. And do not talk about.
Wheel of Samsara - our mill of Sampo. I understand you fully. The very same feeling. But you tell me, tell me, do not be silent. Let it seems - all empty, all the same, heard a million times, not from you because of your ... I often had to feel lonely exile. Sometimes, in fact - so bad as sting,  bitch ... It sucks that right now I ll cry as beluga.
What are you talking about?
Shoor hugged his powerful hands, tenderly held in the head, resulting in the order from the wind tangled rare, soft hairs. By carefully plastered cheek, velvet and fragrant from the powder, like the wing of a butterfly. Their moist eyes shining in the darkness of the night, in the dead of.
Yes, everything is about the same as you. What is done is done. I forgave you all for a long time.
It's so confusing when future - in your personal past, right?
Xafa sighed, genuine regret:
So. And we did not help each other. Still. Forever. We are doomed. You - the only person in the universe who I consider my true friend, and whenever we brings fate, que maleureuse, all useless, just pain and separation.
Molokhov tried to smile reassuringly, but it turned out not so.
Be with us Victoria, here it would be a thrill neighing with us "two old whores in the hour of the night, in the absence of customers dream of a great and pure love!"
Croir a ce qui cherche. (To believe that someone looking for.) Victoria is right, what a very funny picture. But - it did not dream! We have hope. I can not and do not want to forget anything.
He straightened up and sat sideways, shaking his head in his hands and pulling a folded fan.

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