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I read a lot now and try to describe my feelings through art + DRAW STUDYING, well


Watch and Chain by leothefox

Here I see another excellent work, my friend! Your style is recognizable, matchless technique! At first I thought it was a mockery of t...

Tears of blood by PaulBaack

all right dear! I can not be independent expert, because I love this character, respect for this actor and I always love your work! But...


Simply doodle, black-n-white sketch
I draw it by classical tools - pen, ink, pencil on the paper, not using any digital devices. I'll take a photo - and voila! it's yours!


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Necrodaemon Terrorsatan
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Quod erat demonstrandum
Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur. То бишь, “все, что говорится на латыни, звучит глубокомысленно”.
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Leather Bag by ShadeOvWarlock
Leather Bag
stupid accident in the action! )) Shoo and Xafa save his master. Huh?
Slave market. Future. The planet With \'шар, the desert of the Dakhili \t-nv. The fire in a brothel. Waters aren't present. Inhabitants who it is phlegmatic who with a smile to ears observe how firefighters cut their charitable institution in chips. Also smoke. Passersby smoke, slaves smoke, slave traders, caravaneers and firemen smoke. Smoke and pray that nobody was killed in fire. Madam rescued cash desk and now her excites nothing. Even if it will become clear that smoking and is a cause of the fire. Here if it appears that someone from her maids on the quiet ran away with the lover is yes. But also it it doesn't matter. One click of fingers - and ten armor trained headhunters, the cities of 'Shk\'iil-mgaat which came to the market to find to themselves a job, will rush to crowd further - to try to discover fugitives. Daan and Hoka weren't such fools. They stood near the treasurer Tsurteg, chained to his belt by thin chains beads still. These chains were implanted in their flesh. Some notable bandy-legged mister came nearer, impudently considering brothers. It seems that he will be the following client after the treasurer. On his belt the sack with coins tinkled. Dust which is kicked up by a desert wind mixed up with a caustic smoke of the ashes. Other slaves, with the bodies painted with white and red paint became, choking, loudly to cough. The supervisor whistled the switch - and the silence set in. One more newcomer in boots from a snakeskin and a helmet from a skull of a cave animal, on shape, however, not the savage, and more likely the vagrant philosopher who dressed up so that freely to pass through lands of duaynon, on that party of a canyon, came to be to the left of brothers. His nose almost rested against Hoki's shoulder. Together with a smoke and salt of the desert he inhaled a pungent musky smell of sweat of this beautiful young man. But, seemingly, at the philosopher wasn't found money for services even one such magnificent kveb-nnut what were Hoka and his brother Daan. He licked the cracked lips and rumpled a rough hand painted in a blue and black thick shoot.
The desert that surrounded the city, dictated the terms. She ruthlessly devoured all unreasonable travelers. Artful caravaneers used it. They sold all rescued, under a noble pretext that those have no money to pay off with saviors. Let madam pay for them, and they pay off with the managing director of own skin. The city absolutely without water couldn't exist. Five underground rivers fed its wells and drinking fontanchik. But also it was necessary to pay for water extremely expensively. Could drink free of charge only Free.
Fatally hot in the afternoon, the desert was strongly cooled, for the horizon two main sun of the planet - dazzling-blue Plank beds and white Sivat set only. There were two more yellow dwarfish sun that continued to shine also at the nights, on the right, at the left in a black sky.

Here miracle. Our brothel carried out repaired only recently and the priest consecrated it
And this of anything. It is good, the truth? - Daan whispered to the brother.
In my opinion it is ridiculous.
No, he here only, perhaps, who was oneself.
That can bring to our region poor tramps? Rough sharks? Marsh toads? Pearls from sea mollusks?
Daan burst out laughing loudly and modulatingly, so, that for one this laughter the crush and auction began. And - a total erection.))
It and the brother was bought by fat mister in a striped dressing gown.

He regained consciousness in the unfamiliar room, in the twilight, and strange patches of light danced on walls as if game of a moonlight when the wind drives on the sky dark clouds, or a reflection from waves on water that was improbable at all. He moved and realized that can't rise. Its ankles and wrists were in the bracelets screwed on a bed. The first nervous thought was - where his brother? The second - more absurd and amused him - the firefighter who is afraid of fire didn't rescue it on the fire.
Two huge men in the leather helmets closing the heads completely so it isn't visible persons entered. Their emergence excited at once Daan. However, comers didn't show interest in the lying. Their actions seemed mechanical, callous. They executed some learned commands, moved, as puppets. One in hands had a roundish subject, more precisely, the container with cuts. There supported an animal.
While Daan examined a box, other man quickly and unexpectedly fastened on it a muzzle from metal with a dilator for a mouth in the form of a thick pipe, it was screwed in directly in a throat, pressed down language, scratched a throat corrugated sides. To the guy didn't allow time to come to and realize that is created because the following step of executioners was to tie with a scarf to it eyes. So he couldn't see, but concentrated on perception.
At once, as the darkness fell by the trembled Daan's eyelids, he heard a voice. The voice consoled, promised, convinced. After it I felt someone's imperious palms caressing it there, below. And nevertheless Daan up to the end didn't trust this person who so perfidiously kidnapped him. And - where my brother, Hoki?

On his body snakes of a freakish tattoo curled, they moved and strekat dark electricity. In a chin and ears - curve thorns. On wrists - bracelets from blue stones. Standing - boots from leather of fiery monitor lizards. On a face - a half mask, from dust, the sun and observers.
No. Incorrectly. My name...
Ah, leave! To completeness! I want that your name was beautiful, musical. As singing of a string. I told - NSU-enn. Means, NSU-enn.
And and, and I want that you were not simply vagrant philosopher, and still - silent. When I don't hear you, I love you more strongly.)
Boys, we have to cross the desert. If we are overtaken by a deadly wind, and it will inevitably catch up with us twice or three times in way, we will disappear in underground crevices, and here to you, boys, masks for breath. This planet will ruin you. Promise to listen to my councils and to satisfy requests. I am not going to die or allow to you to be lost. Yes we will be helped by Baa-gi.
This is that idol who is cut out from a blue blood?
No. Baa-g - my companion that waits for us on that party of a hell. At it is firewood. It will bring us to the capital. You will see the world, boys. The world about which you didn't know or was preferred to be forgotten.
Oh, only don't say that we are hereditary princes, stolen in infancy by dirty savages. You and itself look as the inhabitant of bone huts, a var-horn-u'tkhash.
It is masking. And I, as well as you, didn't join civilization fruits long ago. But, believe, I once graduated from the university and served in Pretoria...
In total! NSU-enn, be the silent philosopher! Until we with own eyes see the capital and our hands not to concern cool water in its bowls, we won't believe you.
NSU-enn patiently took down sneers of brothers. It was besides surprisingly strong and dexterous. He jumped on sandy dunes as a locust. He could run exactly, tirelessly long hours. And to drag on itself brothers if they became exhausted. It stored water which as a little it was, appear, never will run low in a dagger handle.
There ascended the red sun and painted the people going through the desert.

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